Our goal is to make the most nutritious protein powder from hemp seeds.

Our Mission Statement

Laia’s Organic has a dedicated team that produces the highest quality protein powder from organically grown hemp seeds. We pride ourselves on the best ecological practices with a focus on fair and sustainable partnerships with farmers and researchers. We support active families and sportspersons with healthy and balanced nutrition, as a supplier of high-quality protein supplements, all essential amino acids, Omega3 and Omega6 fats.

We believe that offering healthy and balanced natural nutrition to all people and improving our environment by sustainable land farming practices is a key goal in our lives. Laia’s Organic is committed to support social entrepreneurship and research in these fields with 10% of its profits, its network and all the knowledge we can offer.

What is the advantage for our customers?

The basic for quality and health safety

We are 100% sure where our crops come from. We can guarantee food safety in the whole production line. And we can offer better quality of hemp seeds and proteins as the whole line of food production is monitored carefully at our location.


From where does our raw hemp come?

We know where our crops come from, 100%!


The raw hemp seed is the basis of quality and health safety, all the emphasis of our daily work is here:

  • We want to be 100% sure that we only have the highest quality raw hemp seeds grown in a sustainable way.
  • Our only source of raw hemp is from local farmers with whom we have a direct contract
  • We guide and train our farmers in the best practices, each farmer is a partner of our Hemp Valley Banat network.
  • Our mission is to develop the organic foods market. Different than other companies, we do not just say “we are organic, we only buy organic” (it is like laying down in a made bed). We support farmers to become an organic farmer and help them through the transition period.

How will we produce?

State-of-the-art production facilities

Laia’s Organic invests into a state-of-the-art processing plant. Preparations are underway in order to open our plant in the 3rd Quarter of 2017, ready to process the harvest from 2017. Our new plant is located close to Timisoara, Romania, in one of the best farmland regions of Eastern Europe, known as the grain-storage of Europe.

Hemp is a sustainable plant and it is our goal to also have a completely sustainable processing plant. We invested great amount of time in order to construct a totally green processing plant, including newest standards of energy saving, water reuses and self-sustaining energy supply.

The plant has an intake-capacity of about 4.000 tons of hemp seeds per year. Laia’s administrates about 1.500 hectares of very fertile land and has contracted numerous farmers from the region.

Which are our product lines?

The right type of hemp tailored for your need


Who's behind Laia's Organic?

Our team makes the difference

At Laia’s Organic we are very proud of our team. Only people can make a difference, and only strong teams can enhance our living. Each of our team members is committed to our policy of values which we are continuously developing.

We at Laia’s Organic believe that our team members should also benefit from the development of our company. We offer each of them, independent of their position, co-ownership. It is our goal and achievement to create a change-making company and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Our company Laia’s Organic is certifying as a ‘B Corp’ company, committed to take into consideration not only the interest of its shareholders, but also of suppliers, the community, and the environment. Laia’s Organic will be the first certified ‘B Corp’ company in Romania (about 2,000 B Corps world-wide) and we are very proud and happy sharing this commitment.


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